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Investment Options

Thyroid Courses

Choose the package that fits your needs

  • THYROID THRIVERS One-To-One Program

    This is a 3-month, one to one program to learn what to eat for your body to optimise thyroid health.
    Valid for 3 months
    • One initial consultation on Zoom + your Initial Plan
    • Followed by 5 x 30-minute catch-up calls (every 2 weeks)
    • These can be done on the phone or via Zoom/FaceTime
    • A tailored supplement plan
    • Follow-Up plans and tweaks to previous plan after every call
    • A lifestyle plan to help manage stress, sleep and exercise
    • My personal email address
    • You also get a personal phone number you can call or text
    • Meal Plans, Recipes and Food Lists tailored to you
    • Lab Testing Recommendations and support with results

    12-week Online Course, Self Study, Online Support Group
    • Optimise Thyroid Health
    • Improve Energy & Mental Clarity
    • Gain insight into your thyroid health
    • Reverse tiredness, weight gain, hair falling out
    • Work the course around your schedule
    • Get Your Life Back
    • Feel Like Yourself Again
    • Reverse depression, anxiety, slow movements, brain fog

Image by Joel Muniz

Thyroid Thrivers

"I have so much more energy, more patience with my kids, less bloating and am steadily losing weight (without trying). THYROID THRIVERS has been completely life changing."


“After just 2 modules on The Thyroid Thrivers Course there is no comparison to how I felt when I started"



"My bloating has reduced significantly, I never feel hungry and the swelling in my face has disappeared! I am also able to sleep through the night and am really amazed that this progress has happened so rapidly"


You are in the right place

I'm Georgia!

Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapist with my own personal healing journey. I help women with thyroid conditions to get their health, vitality and life back.

Thyroid Thrivers is a groundbreaking online group course like no other, built on sound evidence.

You will finally learn why all the other healing modalities you have tried have not worked optimally and how to turn your health around for good.


Tired of
feeling tired?

Artboard 1 copy.png

Not feeling
like yourself?

Forgotten what 
GREAT feels like?

Is this you?

If 2 or more of the below symptoms ring true for you, it is time to take your thyroid health seriously!

You often feel tired and lack motivation


Your lack of energy has robbed you in every area of your life and you are struggling to maintain the basics (work and/or family & relationships) with nothing left for enjoying the things you used to love.

Your hair falls out

too easily


You notice it on your hairbrush and after a shower and hair growth has slowed.

Your thoughts and your movements

are slow


Sometimes you can't even find the right words to use and you wish for mental clarity to return and the brain fog to lift. You look calm on the outside but inside you are anxious and forgetful.

It feels impossible to lose weight 


Eating less and exercising more doesn't seem to make much difference.

You are sensitive to the cold


You have noticed that other people don't need a coat when you do and sometimes you can't warm up no matter what you do. The thought of being cold holds you back from doing some activities in the Winter months.

You have heavy or irregular periods 


You have also noticed extreme fatigue around your cycle and mood swings you have no control over such as irritability with other people.

You suffer from depression


Your mood is low and you just can't see the positives in life like you used to. Life feels like an ongoing uphill battle with not much enjoyment in between.

Your gut health is suboptimal 


You suffer from constipation at times and you are convinced your gut health is not optimal. This can show up in your skin, mood and mental health and is not always obviously related to gut health. Certain foods make you feel tired, low and/or bloated but it is impossible to say which ones.

Image by Naveed Pervaiz

A bit about thyroid

More people have thyroid disease than ever before and the conventional approach is not working.

Estimates are that 1 in 4 women will develop thyroid disease. For every person who knows they have it, another one or 2 already have it but have not yet been diagnosed.

Most thyroid conditions are caused by autoimmune disease. The immune system goes awry and attacks the thyroid leaving it too damaged to work - this is known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. For women in their late 30s rates have gone up over 25-fold since the early 20th century. 

Picture this

You got your life back! You weren’t exhausted by 3pm, always feeling guilty that you can’t enjoy life or the people in your life to the full. You could stop constantly stressing about what is going on with your health and just enjoy the little things in life. You could feel confident and in control. You could get things in order that you haven’t had the energy for. You could plan ahead and commit to things.

Thyroid Thrivers - The Details

During this 12-week course we work through 6 modules to optimise thyroid health and reverse hypothyroid / Hashimoto's symptoms

such as brain fog, fatigue, bloating, anxiety, low mood, weight loss resistance and more.


What it includes





Full access to the 6-module course + a video-recorded Module sent to your inbox every 2 weeks for 12 weeks


Full access to all THYROID THRIVERS resources + worksheets


Private Whatsapp community for maximum support

 Breakdown of course modules

There are 2 weeks to get to grips with the course work between each new module so you do not feel rushed or pressured.


Start Date: 11th July 2023


  • We prep our kitchen and ourselves and do some food shopping for the week

  • Focus on breakfast and snacks - all the recipes you need provided

  • We shift to a low iodine diet (there are MANY sources of invisible iodine in common foods)


  • We prep another week of groceries and easy meal plan & recipes for the week

  •  Focus on lunches and dinners

  • We remove 2 more food triggers 

  • We touch on emotional health and how this affects thyroid + gut health 


  • I help you uncover the root cause of your thyroid condition so that you can exercise in a way that will not flare up your symptoms 

  • I make you a weekly exercise program to follow and tweak to your individual needs

  •  We learn how to use nutrition to recover from exercise properly

  • There are more new recipes to try



  • We learn exactly how our gut health affects our thyroid health

  •  We learn to optimise gut health

  • Option to run a Gut Microbiome Test at 50% off (THYROID THRIVERS members only)

  • We learn how our nervous system communicates with our thyroid and how to optimise a regulated nervous system

  • There are more new recipes to try



  • How to do this safely, in a structured way

  • How to monitor and know whether the food is tolerated or not

  • A deeper dive into gut health


  • Tying it all together 

  • The plan going forwards 

  • We are taken through a road map of what to do should any obstacles arise 

  • How to easily maintain your progress

  • There are more new recipes to try and the Watsapp group remains open for support 


There are also options to have lab testing done in some of the modules (at hugely discounted prices) to personalise the group plan to you and ensure your success.

The modules also cover what to eat and what not to eat including recipes for meals and snacks, supplements to take, ways to manage stress and huge insight into why your thyroid malfunctions and what we need to do to stop this from happening going forwards.

I hope you will enjoy the process of optimising your thyroid and overall health and every small win you have along the journey!


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