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Hashimoto’s brought me to my knees in 2018 despite a healthier lifestyle than most. My hellish experience battling fatigue, anxiety, depression, cold Intolerance, dry skin, brittle hair, digestive issues, menstrual issues and poor sleep showed me that I could come out on top.


Most importantly, I learned that the a return to vibrant health was not likely to be found in the form of a single daily pill.

My journey started at an advantage having studied thyroid dysfunction while training to become a Nutritional Therapist.


Necessarily fuelled by multiple functional tests not found in GP practices (CBC, thyroid antibodies, stool test & FST tests), I strove to get to the root causes of my disorder as well as engaging in continuous thyroid research.

Step by step, I discovered what I needed to eat (and avoid eating), how I needed to exercise (and avoid exercising), how my sleep patterns needed to change, what supplements I needed to take (and avoid taking), what I needed to do to heal my gut & liver and how I needed to manage stress daily.


I was able to calm my overactive immune system and heal my thyroid and you can do the same.

My Background

My Approach

Now I dedicate my practice to the closely intertwined systems of the thyroid and the gut microbiome. Here’s to a healthy thyroid and a happy gut!

I strongly encourage you to trust your own instincts and to practice preventative medicine. 

Don't be drawn into the archaic approach of "monitoring" whilst watching your health decline, then only acting at the last minute when health is in crisis and the only option left is a prescription drug (which ignores the underlying causes of your health concerns).

Start today by asking "WHY": why do I have these symptoms, why did I develop thyroid dysfunction? Once we know the WHY we can reverse the dysfunction and the symptoms!


I look forward to working with you to optimise your health.



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