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About Thyroid Thrivers

Georgia Lennard

Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapist

Tired of feeling tired?


You are in the right place!


Hi, I am Georgia, Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapist with my own personal healing journey. 


I help women with thyroid conditions and poor gut health to get their health, vitality and life back.


Thyroid Thrivers is a groundbreaking online group course like no other built on sound evidence.


You will finally learn why all the other healing modalities you have tried have not worked optimally and how to turn your health around for good.

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At Thyroid Thrivers, we believe in preventative medicine. Rather than watching and waiting until something goes wrong, we choose to gain insight into our health early on and to optimise our health to prevent dysfunction from developing in the body.

“In just 2 weeks on The Thyroid Thrivers Course there is no comparison to how I felt when I started"



"I’m delighted to say that all the health conditions that I wanted to improve are better or clearing up."


"My gut health is so much better, I haven’t had any indigestion or constipation. I’m going at least once a day which is major progress! I feel really well and I have been off of my antidepressants for about 4 months."



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+44 (0)7961 571 500    |

London, Worldwide Consultations Available

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